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Befriending anxiety…

I had an interesting session with my therapist yesterday after I told her that I experienced another spike in my anxiety level at the beginning of this week. She suggested that I try to sit quietly with the anxiety and to try to hear what its message to me might be. To not be so fast to want it to just go away, but to realize that it’s there for a reason, and that what it may be trying to tell me may be important for my emotional and spiritual health. An interesting way to look at it, to be sure. It reminds me of the Ignatian principle of discernment of spirits.

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Here are the lyrics to the Carolyn McDade song I mentioned a couple of posts ago…

As Earth bows in evening and opens to the night
we wander in the swing of stars beyond the bend of time.
O Ardent One, O Yield of Dreams who call Earth’s people home
to make of love a greater love and pass the living flame.

You are the love within all things, a widening embrace,
a flame that weeps and launches joy to leap through realms of grace.
Are we not born to love this life,
to make the wounded whole,
to plunge the chasms of despair
and lift the singing bird.

O Ardent One, be with us now
Go with us as we dare,
to make of love a greater love and pass the living flame.

Of course, without the music, you don’t get the full beauty of this piece. Still, to me, even though it is not an intentionally Christian song, it does speak to me of the mission of Jesus that he invites me to join him on.

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Better days coming?

I’ve still got a ways to go with this depression, but today, my feelings about the classes I had to teach today were much more serene. I actually felt pretty prepared for the class which has been the most difficult for me. All the students eventually got their circuits working, and they seemed excited about that, especially with all the problems they’ve been having the last several weeks. Some of the problems we had today were just as challenging as last week, but I felt more able to focus and think through the problems so I could help them find their mistakes or loose connections.

My graduate class tonight went pretty well, even though again, I didn’t really prep adequately. Fortunately, it’s stuff I know pretty well.

Thanks for your prayers…

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Well, we got the CD out to the Detroit-Windsor area this past weekend. It was such a moving experience to be a part of these performances. At the bottom of this post, I’ve included a picture of thecarolyn.jpg choir, the women who worked far harder than I to make this project a reality. Besides the drummer pictured, we had Carolyn (at right) on piano, myself on clarinet, and a cellist, but I couldn’t get us all in the picture. It was wonderful to be in Carolyn McDade’s presence, and to hear her talk about where some some of the pieces came from.

I don’t have them with me, but I’m going to post the lyrics from one of my favorite tracks on the CD: Within All Things/Were I To Say. Just give me a little time… I still am experiencing a lack of energy, but I did get through one of my tough days of teaching relatively well today, despite a lack of proper preparation. Anyway, perhaps you will be moved to investigate further once you see the beautiful words and take my word for the lushness of the vocal and instrumental arrangement…


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“My Heart Is Moved”

mhim.jpgThanks to all for your kind wishes for me as I struggle to get back on an even keel. I thought I’d tell you about a great project that I’m peripherally involved with. “My Heart Is Moved” is a recording project by Carolyn McDade and Friends (I was one of the “friends” on an earlier project, “O Beautiful Gaia.”) The CD is being launched in Michigan and Ontario this coming weekend, and I’ve been asked to come and do some instrumental improvisation on several of the songs that will be sung at the concert.

Anyway, the songs on this CD are based on the Earth Charter, and a portion of the proceeds from sales will go to grassroots groups working to build a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society.

I was given an advance copy of the CD, and it is beautiful…I highly recommend it, not only for the inspiring words, but also for the rich instrumental arrangements and vocal harmonies.

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