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Home Recording Studio

So, during a work break (which turned out to be most of the day, to be perfectly honest), I decided to use Audacity (open-source software) to do some multi-track recording of some music…yes, there is a way for me to play multiple instruments at the same time…hee-hee.

Here’s my first production…


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Welcome to any new visitors from the ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) conference who may be seeing my blog for the first time!

Ok…so the ASEE camera caught me in the act of dancing at Stubb’s BBQ. Thanks to National Instruments and Freescale for hosting a nice party…here’s hoping I win the drawing for the Kindle or Lego Mindstorm…(hint, hint)

Now a picture of me riding the mechanical bull might have been more surprising to my nuns back in PA, or maybe not…in any case, I’m guessing my spinal surgeon would not have approved of me taking a turn in the saddle, so I resisted the urge to tame the “wild beast.”

Check out the ASEE conference blog at: http://blogs.asee.org/annual2009/

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So, as I squeeze a bit of school work between the wash and dry cycles of my laundry, I thought I’d take a short break to share with you Rome’s bit of wisdom commemorating International Women’s Day…

Vatican: Washing Machine Liberated Women – World news | Newser

The Vatican’s newspaper appears to have come out in support of the washing machine as God’s greatest gift to women in the 20th century, Reuters reports. A weekend article in l’Osservatore Romano suggested that the time-saving gadget polls ahead of birth-control and suffrage in liberating the fairer sex. It’s called “The Washing Machine and the Liberation of Women—Put in the Detergent, Close the Lid and Relax.”

I must admit that I wouldn’t want to go back to the days our elder sisters describe…standing over vats of scalding water, risking fingers and hands operating huge mangles. However, I can’t seem to put the washing machine over the right to vote or to work outside the home as the most significant contribution to the liberation of women.

I don’t know about you, but my experience with time and labor saving technologies is that once I begin to reap the benefits of these technologies, the bar is raised and I am expected to add additional work to my already full plate. Is that your experience as well?

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I don’t know…it’s just my caption for the picture (see below) I snapped from the back yard of one of our sisters who lives in Florida. Sr. C. has been in Florida for many years, since before I entered the Baden CSJs, so we hadn’t really met properly. But since she lives only 2 hours from the friends I’m visiting, I went down to Cooper City for an overnight to visit and to help her with some computer problems. Fortunately, I was able to help her get her computer running smoothly (running Windows XP with 256MB of RAM is a good way to go crazy….upgrading to 1GB was like giving her a new machine!)

Where's the party?

Where's the party?

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Analog to digital

I know they delayed the date for the transition from analog broadcast TV to digital, but I couldn’t help getting a few giggles out of this video clip. Note that there are plenty of younger technophobes out there, so you may know of people this reminds you of.I do need a laugh, and hope this brings a smile to your face.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Analog to digital“, posted with vodpod

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I’ve been noticing for several weeks now that the post that has been getting the most hits on this site is the one I wrote last June about the Furry Convention in Pittsburgh. I can’t for the life of me figure out why that somewhat frivolous post has generated so much traffic on this blog. Anyone care to offer an explanation? Real or fake…we can just have fun with this one…


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(or, a bunch of geeky profs who think they can sing, shout and clap)

I’ve been waiting to blog about this for a few weeks, and the sound clip that accompanies this post is finally available. One of the presenters at a entrepreneurship education conference I recently attended composes and records music. John Tanner of Tanner-Monagle, Inc. brought his “studio” along to the hotel and did a participative session in which we actually laid down several rhythm tracks, and a vocal track. (He also added piano, drum, bass, and some other vocal effects to liven it up.)

So, without further ado, here’s the wolfpack theme song:

The composition was based on a poem by Rudyard Kipling:

Now this is the law of the jungle –
As old and as true as the sky;
And the wolf that keep it may prosper,
But the wolf that shall break it may die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk,
The law runneth forward and back –
And the strength of the pack is the wolf
And the strength of the wolf is the pack.
-Rudyard Kipling

If you have not guessed, it is all about teamwork and mutuality. Good message not just for engineering profs but for all of us global citizens…

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